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About Us

As the oldest business networking group in the Greater Lafayette area, Lafayette Business to Business is proud to continue to promote business growth through networking, exchange of leads, and building long-term relationships with other professionals throughout the cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette.

We are an exclusive organization requiring payment of annual dues, and we have a policy of restricting membership to one company per business category. If you notice that we have an opening for a representative in your area of business, don’t hesitate to join us!

Currently, we have members who have been a part of our esteemed organization for over 20 years, and others who have been involved for significant lengths of time. We’re proud to be an energetic collection of entrepreneurs who thrive on companionship in addition to profit.


In 1988, a consultant approached a handful of Lafayette business owners and managers about starting a networking organization with the purpose of sharing ideas, passing sales leads, and growing their businesses. The group visited a meeting in Indianapolis to better understand the format and goals. Uncomfortable with the consultant’s true intentions, the group decided to create their own organization instead—Lafayette Business to Business (LBB). They started meeting every Friday for a 7 a.m. breakfast at Judi’s Catering in Lafayette.

Today, LBB is the oldest business networking group in the Greater Lafayette area. The group’s mission—to promote member businesses through an organized system of networking and the exchange of business leads—has not changed since its inception. Membership is limited to one company per business category. For example, only one law firm, one landscaper, one telephone company may be represented. Potential members complete an application process and pay annual dues.

The organization began with eight business owners and managers. It has grown to now include more than 45 professionals. Two charter members, Judi Painter of Judi’s Catering and Dan Heman of Heman Lawson Hawks LLP, still participate in the group, and many current members have been involved for more than 25 years.

Originally, the meetings were very structured and regulated. As sales and marketing opportunities evolved and expanded over the years, LBB meetings have transitioned to a more informal, less intense environment. One theme has remained the same, however: LBB is a great place to exchange ideas, generate leads, allow new business owners access to the experience of seasoned ones, and meet with like-minded professionals.

Mission and Values

The Mission of Lafayette Business to Business is to promote member businesses through an organized system of networking and the exchange of business leads. We value teamwork, integrity, and building relationships with other passionate professionals. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that allows our devoted members to grow and connect their business with other passionate professionals in the cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette. We offer networking opportunities and professional comradery in order to help new business owners learn from experienced ones, and ultimately help your business thrive.

Our Board of Directors


Marguerite Kubly

President Elect

Joshua Dahlenburg
Keller William Realty


Christy Preston


Jennifer Betourne
A Step Above Appliance Repair


Samantha Kreinbring
Goble Heal Chiropractic

Communication Internal

Judi Painter
Judis Catering

Communication External

Jim Pritchett
Certified Sweeps


Mark Brandyberry
Keystone Architecture

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